Matthew Edwards - Designer and Developer


Just a little bit about myself.

I am currently working as a Quadient/GMC developer, with 20 months experience, at HomeServe in the West Midlands.

I was approached to take the role to help develop a brand new team, with the aim of bringing all paper and electronic document composition in-house.

As well as my Quadient/GMC experience, I have spent over 15 years as a graphic designer, working on projects ranging from designing magazines, direct mail, emails and websites, as well as keynote presentations and videos for corporate conferences.


A small selection of my work.

AGA Living magazine and website

AGA Living magazine.

Quarterly lifestyle magazine for AGA cooker owners.

Al's Creatures branding

Al's Creatures.

Branding, stationery and website.

Delgiva Consulting stationery

Delgiva Consulting.

Stationery for IT consultancy.

Discover the Heart of England brochure

Discover the Heart of England.

Tourist brochure for Heart of England.

HomeServe documents


Multi-channel documents.

Storke Windows Brochure

Storke Windows.

Sales brochure.

University of Wolverhampton collateral

University of Wolverhampton.

Open day collateral.





Please feel free to contact me at

Or if you prefer the good old dog and bone, then call 0771 3912734.

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